Holistic Goal (5C)

What is the goal of our leader development efforts? We must start here and think backward.

Holistic Process (4D)

By what process will we achieve that goal? A holistic goal requires a holistic process.

Holistic Design (Collage)

What design will enable the process for achieving our goal?

Welcome to ConneXions Designs

On this site you will find information about various designs and learning communities that use the ConneXions model of healthy leader development . Everything we do is based on our model that has been shaped over years of biblical research and practical implementation in a variety of contexts and cultures.


According to our ConneXions ā€œ5Cā€ model, a healthy Christian leader knows God (Christ), was formed and lives in supportive and accountable community (Community), has integrity (Character), knows the purpose of God and presents it with credibility, clarity and passion (Calling), and has the necessary gifts, skills and knowledge to lead the people in the accomplishment of this purpose Competencies) ā€“ and he is continually growing in all five areas.


There are also eighteen guiding principles that help to structure the actual design and process of our learning communities.


If you want to look at our current nine-month leader development program that implements the ConneXions models and principles into a practical design, click on collage designs.


It may also be useful for you to look over our glossary of ConneXions terms.


The mission of LeaderSource SGA is to strengthen and expand the church worldwide by building healthy leaders.

It was started by Malcolm Webber, Ph.D.


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